The mission of the Central Time Coalition is to promote the allocation of available sunlight and darkness in a manner that provides the greatest peace, safety and well-being to the citizens of Indiana. Specifically, we support Central Standard Time in winter and Central Daylight Time the remainder of the year.


In 2005, the General Assembly passed SB127 (click here) that was intended to finally resolve Indiana’s time controversies. It had two steps. The first step required all counties to observe daylight saving time. The second step urged Governor Daniels to petition USDOT to hold hearings to determine the correct time zone for each of Indiana’s 92 counties. USDOT replied that this wasn’t their job. “The Indiana Legislature or governor should determine the location of the time zone boundary and then bring a request to us”. Now - ten years later - Hoosiers are still waiting.
LEGISLATORS – USDOT says it’s your job. We urge you to establish a Legislative Study Committee to determine which time zone(s) provide the most benefit to Hoosiers. PLEASE - FINISH THE JOB YOU APPROVED IN 2005.


  • In today’s world economy, financial transactions are instantaneously transmitted through e-technology and any benefits of being in the Eastern Time are insignificant. In the meantime, Indiana business interactions and shipment of products have shifted from east to west. (click here)
  • Restoring Central Time would greatly benefit Indiana’s television viewers because network programs (including sporting events and news) would be broadcast one hour earlier.
  • Morning darkness is unsafe for students. (click here). On Central Time the latest sunrise would be 7:15 and the majority of travel to and from school would occur in daylight (click here)
  • School delays wasted $101 million of tax money in the Eastern Time counties last year. (click here) On Central Time, school delays in Indiana could be cut in half and possibly eliminated. (click here)
  • Hoosiers are 9th most obese in the USA and 47th least physically fit. (click here)
  • Excessive morning darkness encourages chronic absenteeism resulting in students dropping out of school. (click here)
  • Eastern Time’s sunlight schedule is out of sync with students’ biological clocks. This is undermining students’ academic performance, their safety & mental health. (Click here).
  • Indiana’s teens have the highest death rate in the US as a result of car crashes. (click here)  Morning darkness is a proven contributor of teen crashes. (click here)
  • Indiana’s teens have the 2nd highest suicide attempt rate in the US. Eastern Time’s sunlight schedule promotes chronic sleep deprivation, which leads to depression and discouragement. (click here)
  • The 3-hour time difference with the West Coast is a major inconvenience in conducting business, in direct communications, and it causes significant jet lag for air travelers.
  • The need for nationwide same-day delivery of products is forcing some Indiana business to move to the Central Time Zone. (click here)
  • The Indianapolis Airport, home of the 2nd largest FedEx hub, has not prospered compared to surrounding airports. (click here)
  • Geographically every square inch of Indiana belongs in the Central Time Zone. (click here)

ADULT ONLINE PETITION (for ages 18 and over) Click on this link below and follow the directions, Click Here
Please don’t sign the online petition if you’ve already signed our paper petition, but pass this link along to friends and parents of school age children.

STUDENT ONLINE PETITIONS (for students under 18 years old) Click on this link and follow directions. Click Here
We want to hear from you and your voice deserves to be heard. PASS THE ON TO YOUR FRIENDS. YOU DESERVE TO BE HEARD!

SCHOOL SHOULDN’T START BEFORE 8:30 A.M. – American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) with membership of 62,000 pediatricians, released a policy statement in Aug. 2014 stating that schools for teens should start no earlier than 8:30 a.m. For Indiana’s Eastern Time Zone school districts to meet AAP’s recommendation, schools would need to start no earlier than 9:30 a.m. (Click here)

EDUCATION REPORT RELEASED - “The Detrimental Impact of the of Eastern Time Zone Designation on Indiana – its Students, their Education, its Communities” (Click here)

LATE SUNSETS DIMINISH SUMMER EXPERIENCES - Late sunsets in summer diminishes darkness-dependent experiences that have been part of our Hoosier heritage – July 4th fireworks, evening concerts, campfires, youth and family camping, outdoor movies, seeing the stars and lightning bugs. Late sunsets make bedtime difficult. Learn more here

INDIANA TIME ZONE WHITE PAPER - This thoroughly researched and documented white paper examines the history of Indiana time decisions and raises major questions about the processes. To access this report go to: http://sites.google.com/site/stjosephtimezone/

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